Introducing The Wilderness Adventure Club!

It's that time again - time for adventure, a Subaru adventure to be precise! At Flat 4 Offroad, we've joined forces with our favourite Subaru dealership right here in Alberta, Scotts Subaru, to kickstart a community of like-minded adventurers, known as the Wilderness Adventure Club. This isn't just any community; this is a community of Subaru Wilderness owners who live for the adventure. The club has a wide range of Subaru Wildness models, from the Outbacks and Foresters to the latest Crosstreks. These Subaru's vary from bone stock to fully built overland and offroad rigs, all fueled by the same burning desire for exploration of the great outdoors.

The Club talking on a steep hill! No doubt using Subaru's hill decent.

Our very first event took us deep into Alberta's Ghost Public Lands (PLUZ). Led by our team of seasoned trailblazers, we embarked on an epic off road journey to the serene Margaret Lake. What started as a challenging trail through the Alberta wilderness soon evolved into an exhilarating adventure as we climbed into the rugged Alberta mountains. Along the way, the club faced some challenging obstacles that even the stock Wilderness models tackled with grace. With expert guidance and the occasional scrape of the skidplates, they conquered each challenge one by one. And at the end of the trail, they overcame the last obstacle a muddy puddle to reach the serene Margaret Lake. Here curious onlookers wondered how a convoy of Subarus had made it this far - little did they know we had complete faith. After a leisurely lunch by the lakeside and numerous epic photos, we began our journey back towards civilization

Subaru Outback Wildness tackles a challenging section of Margaret Lake
This cross ditch was no problem for this Wildness with some expert guiding and driving!

As you can tell the Wilderness Adventure Club is more than just an adventure club; it's a tight-knit community bound by a shared love of exploration. Through these adventures, we're fostering a sense of camaraderie among our members, laying the groundwork for cherished memories that will inspire more wilderness journeys in the future.

For those ready to embark on their own Subaru adventure with the Wilderness Adventure Club, further details are available on the Scotts Subaru website. Get ready to unlock a world of off road and overland Subaru excitement! Adventure awaits!

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