Welcome to Flat 4 Offroad!

Hey there and welcome to Flat 4 Offroad, more specifically our blog! Here you will find not only updates but a wide range of other helpful content including detailed guides, quick tips, event coverage and more.

Now that we got that out of the way you might be asking yourself, what is Flat 4 Offroad? Well, our brand might have given you a hint or two but if you for looking for the ‘official’ definition here it goes: Flat 4 Offroad is a Calgary-based automotive parts and outdoor store that specializes in Subarus. Our goal is to create and support an active community of people that enjoy the outdoors and help them get out there by turning their daily divers into vehicles to suit their needs.

How do we do that? First, we get to know the customer and their needs. Then with our experience-backed knowledge, provide them with options best suited to their goals. Allowing us to get to know our customers and their needs better. Whether it be a few small upgrades to make the backroads a bit smoother or a fully offroad capable build we got it all. This is why many of our bigger, vehicle-specific items aren’t listed in our store.

While we focus on Subaru’s we don't shy away from other makes. We truly enjoy helping others with unique and often underappreciated builds. If you are looking for parts reach out to us and we are happy to help, whatever you build might be! Chances are if you are looking for something we can help, even if it isn't Subaru specific.

Now I know what you are saying, why us? Well in short we strive to provide people with genuine advice through our experience-backed knowledge. And in more detail, between the two of us, we have years of experience building cars and more importantly Subaru's. Not only do we build them but we put them to work! From our adventures through the rocky mountains to racing on the ice, we know what works and what doesn’t.

When talking about the experience we can’t leave out the team. The founder, Austen, has been exploring the outdoors ever since he got his first vehicle. Since then he has had countless builds utilizing his 9 years of experience as a technician, from Super Duties to of course Foresters. On the other hand, our in-house creative, Chase, has built a strong community connection through his YouTube channel by creating content with two Subarus over the last 5 years. And put these two together and you got the perfect team to support the growing adventure Subaru community. We are looking forwards to connecting with more of you as we continue to grow!

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