Elevate Your Adventure: Mobile Installs!

Here at Flat 4 Offroad, we're committed to delivering not just products but an exceptional experience—from your first inquiry to embarking on that first adventure with your newly modified crossover. It brings us great joy to announce a significant addition to our services: we now proudly offer official mobile installs, providing you with a convenient and transparent experience.

Our mobile installation service is designed with your convenience in mind. You no longer have to coordinate trips to a shop and figure out rides afterward. With mobile installs, we bring the transformation to your doorstep, allowing you to witness firsthand how we elevate your vehicle's capabilities and prepare you for the adventure ahead.

We believe in transparency and empowerment. As we work on your crossover, feel free to ask questions and actively participate in the process. Understanding your vehicle is crucial, especially if you venture into the backcountry. We're here to explain the installation and talk about what was changed, and for products that require maintenance, we'll demonstrate how it's done.

Austen walking one of our customers through how the lift kit is going to be installed

The most exciting part of all this? You get a front-row seat to the transformation. Watching your car undergo modifications is an exciting experience, and you get to be a part of it. See the modifications unfold right before your eyes!

Look at all the room with this front runner roof rack and cargo box

Based in Calgary, Alberta, our mobile installation services cover most of the province, from Edmonton to Okotoks. But we understand that not everyone has the space for installations, so we also have dedicated locations across the greater Calgary to ensure your installation gets done efficiently.

Are you ready to transform your Subaru or crossover into a vehicle that's fully equipped for all your adventures? Reach out to us today to get started with our hassle-free and convenient mobile installs. Elevate your driving experience with Flat 4 Offroad!

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