What is an Explorer Build?

An explorer build is an ideal choice for adventure-seekers who want to daily drive their vehicle without having to worry about maintenance and costly repairs. This type of build is designed to keep modifications and replacements as close to the factory as possible. Therefore, making it a great choice for those who want a reliable and practical vehicle that can still handle their adventures. Most often an explorer build consists of all-terrain tires and wheels, a spacer lift and underbody protection. From there it's up to you to decide what type of accessories need for your next adventure.

Subaru Crosstrek with all terrain tires
This Crosstrek is fitted with a great set of All-Terrain tires and wheels

To start, we recommend investing in an all-terrain tire and wheel package instead of the all-seasons that came on your car. These can make a huge difference in your vehicle's ability to traverse rough terrain or obstacles while making it a smoother ride. All-terrain tires provide far greater traction and stability on uneven surfaces, especially when aired down, meaning your car can traverse rougher terrain with far less risk of damage. Additionally, all-terrain tires and wheels tend to be more durable, providing greater longevity and value for your money. And finally, with offroad wheels you are able to fit a larger tire, vastly improving the ride and traction. Investing in an all-terrain package is a great idea for those who plan to drive where paved roads are long gone in the rearview mirror.

Bronco Sport Badlands gets a lift from daystar
Check out this spacer lift on a Bronco Sport Badlands

Next, consider a spacer lift to increase the vehicle's ground clearance. This will help it avoid rocks, logs, and other features that could otherwise cause you to get stuck. With a lift, you can traverse off-road environments with more confidence and ease. Plus, with a spacer lift, you'll keep the factory-installed suspension components, meaning the ride quality should remain virtually the same. This is beneficial when components wear out, as you won't need to worry about finding the correct aftermarket suspension component or worry about the fitment not being 100% since the suspension is stock. In addition, you'll have peace of mind knowing that the factory-installed components have been proven to be reliable by the vehicle manufacturer. As a result, you can be assured that the spacer lift will be a reliable and cost-effective solution for increasing your vehicle's ground clearance.

Subaru Forester skid plate with some extreme damage
This is why you have a skid plate... check out this dent!

Finally, it's important to make sure that your vehicle has appropriate protection for the offroad terrain. Many newer adventure-ready vehicles come with some sort of underbody protection, but this isn't always true. To ensure your vehicle, especially critical components like the engine and transmission, are fully protected, you can install skid plates. These skid plates can help to protect the vehicle from damage that could take you out on the trail. Another piece of protection to look for is exterior protection, such as mud flaps or stone guards. These can help prevent any debris that may be kicked up from the road or off-road terrain and damage your vehicle or others close by.

If you want to keep your vehicle as a daily driver but make it more capable for off-road adventures, an explorer build is for you. Installing all-terrain wheels and tires, a spacer lift, and skid plates can prepare your vehicle for your next adventure, wherever it might take you. While it might not be able to tackle the toughest trails, it will unlock the true potential of the wilderness. Looking to build your own explorer build? Contact us or check out our store!

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