AOAEXPO: Our First Official Event!

Welcome to another installment of the Flat 4 Offroad Blog! Today we are doing something a little bit different and talking about Flat 4 Offroad's first-ever event, the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo. While the expo has been on our radar since its inception in 2021, it was this year that we were finally able to make the trip.

The Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo's goal is to "bring people together who share a love of everything outdoors and adventure [...] and your passion for the wild places and mingle with vendors and presenters that help make our experience outdoors enjoyable and meaningful." Here at Flat 4, that really resonated with us and our mission of helping more people get into the great outdoors! So at the start of this month, we made the trip up north to Medicine Lodge Rodeo Grounds for the event.

We would be lying to you if we said had everything planned out. This being our first expo had us thinking on our toes from the very start but in the end, it created a great experience! Well, we did have our booth planned out, upon arriving we threw that plan away and started fresh. And what we found was because of the size of the Forester we could actually get it to fit across the booth while having both our tent and awning out. Success!

After setting up the booth and the rest of the team's campsite, we went out and explored the rest of the grounds checking out everyone's awesome builds. And of course, seeing how many Subaru's we could spot before making it back to the main area for the evening's activities.

Before we knew it was show time, with our parts on display and merch layout, the expo kicked off. Our booth not only had some of the parts and equipment we sell but also a few new things. The first was a display showing everyone what these crossovers are capable of by showing a video of our many adventures and the second was new merch, including a new 3" sticker and t-shirts, which you can conveniently purchase on our site!

Besides talking to all of you, we also took the opportunity to check out some of the vendors ourselves, and all we can say is we are glad to be a part of this community! And just like that day one of the expos was over, well at least the day portion of it. Continuing into the evening, the expo held a great bonfire talk with GTF Outside before giving away some cool prizes to wrap the day up. And just like that, it was day 2, where we repeated the day before with some new activities and new faces.

And just as quick as it started, AOAEXPO was over, two days full flew by in a blink of an eye. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and had chat with us over the weekend and we are looking forward to meeting more of you at future events. And if you missed it this year, not too worry, we will see you at the 2023 AOAEXPO!

Until next time, see you on the trails!

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