Rocky Road Jeep WL lift kit

Rocky Road 2.5" Lift Kit

$ 1,250.00 CAD
$ 1,250.00 CAD
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Jeep Grand Cherokee


This 2.2" suspension lift kit retains the stock suspension springs, and the stock high performance shocks. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and stable handling on your Jeep... just taller and better.

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Also included are shock mount relocation systems so that full suspension travel is maintained and vehicle load leveling systems are not altered or upset.

Our proprietary designRRO Control Arm/Ball Joint systems are mandatory on these Jeeps in order to achieve proper alignment specifications. Our custom High-Angle ball joints are like nothing seen before in the offroad world. Easily serviced, rebuildable, and with adjustable tension settings. New Rocky Road control arms are included in our kits!

The Rocky Road WL suspension lift system retains your factory springs and strut shocks so your ride quality and load capacity are not impacted.