Rallitek lift kit will poly spacers, multi link arms and springs

RalliTEK 2" Spring Spacer Lift Kit

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$ 2,499.99 CAD
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Subaru Outback


The RalliTEK 2” lift kit the 2000-2004 Outback combines our 1” front sport springs, rear 1” overload springs, 1” top hat spacers, and rear 1” top hat spacers with Whiteline’s rear lateral link kit. Our lift spacers provide additional clearance, while our springs add stability, carrying capacity, and even more clearance! We included our rear overload springs in this package to help mitigate rear-end sag often found in Outbacks when carrying a full load of gear. We paired Whiteline’s rear lateral link kit with this kit to allow the rear wheels to be centered in the wheel well maintaining correct alignment specifications as the ride height is increased.

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  • RalliTEK Rear Raised Overload Springs 1” Lift
  • RalliTEK Front Raised Sport Springs 1” Lift
  • RalliTEK Rear Top Hat Spacers 1” Lift Kit
  • RalliTEK Front Top Hat Spacers 1” Lift Kit
  • Whiteline Rear Lateral Link Kit